Organic Irish Seaweed - Sweet Kelp  (Latissima saccharina) - 40g

Organic Irish Seaweed - Sweet Kelp (Latissima saccharina) - 40g

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Product Overview:

Organic Irish Seaweed Sweet Kelp / Kombu (Laminaria saccharina) certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd is harvested along the west coast of Ireland, (Co. Donegal, Co. Galway), carefully monitored and immediately processed fresh or gently dried. All packages show the date and place of harvesting and full analysis. An example recipe is included on the packet.

High in calcium and magnesium, which keep the bones in good form.
The alginate present in all Laminaria species help the digestive tract functions.
The high iodine content make it a great ingredient for helping a slimming diet.
It is very gentle in the presence of colon irritation.
The taste of this seaweed is very acceptable, being exempt of any fishy flavour.
When cooked with legumes (beans, peas, etc.) it will neutralise the formation of unwished fermentation in the digestive system.
When cooked in sauces or soups it will be very difficult to distinguish this seaweed from any other green vegetable.

Why Organic Certified Seaweed?
To be certified as organic Seaweed has to be harvested and processed conforming to EU Regulations 834/2007 Reg 710/2009 (part of Reg 889/2008).

The Certification Body will guarantee the following
  • That the seaweed is only sourced on clean shores.
  • That within a few hours it will be processed.
  • That the harvesters have the maximum respect for the marine environment.
  • That the packet of seaweed you buy is safe and healthy.
  • That the Labels are conforming.
  • That there is no possible contamination throughout the whole process .
  • That the processing and packaging Company is Registered with the Health Board.

    Algaran also guarantees with full documentation that their seaweed
  • Is Irish and Local.
  • It doesn't contain Heavy Metals (index of contamination).
  • Its processing temperatures never exceed 30 d.C.
  • It has been freshly harvested (date of harvest appears on the label).

    REMEMBER! Non Organic Certified Seaweed ... might be polluted!

    Typical analysis of Sweet Kombu seaweed - Laminaria saccharina
  • Protein 6-11%
  • Fat 0.5%
  • Carbohydrates 61%
  • Vitamin C 13-18 ppm
  • Calcium 8,910-9,282 ppm
  • Iodine 800-4500 ppm
  • Iron 22-40 ppm
  • Magnesium 5,670-6,944 ppm
  • Manganese 1-16 ppm
  • Sodium 3-3.4%
  • Ingredients:

    Dried seaweed Saccharina latissima

    Allergy Advice:

    Although vegetarian the seaweed may contain the dried remains of crustaceans.

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