Champagne, Wine &
 Beer Coolers

A range of coolers and accessories for serving the perfect temperature beer, wine, champagne & sparkling wine.
  • Champagne Cooler Tubs.
  • Beer Cooler Buckets & Barrels.
  • Wine Coolers.
  • Ice Buckets.
  • Champagne, Wine & Beer Coolers

    Champagne Cooler Double Walled Hammered Finish
    Was: £20.39 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £9.95(Inc VAT)
    Chrome and Plastic Wine Cooler
    Price: £5.99(Inc VAT)
    Copper Plated Wine Cooler
    Price: £10.99(Inc VAT)
    Round Ice Bucket Black (4 Litre)
    Price: £7.49(Inc VAT)
    Square Ice Bucket Black (4 Litre)
    Price: £8.99(Inc VAT)
    Steel Beverage Tub (25 Litre)
    Price: £19.79(Inc VAT)

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    Friday 14th December 2018