A wide range of strainers for making cocktails in your bar from leading bar tools manufacturer Beaumont. Ideal to use with cocktail shakers with no built in filter. Place it on top of your cocktail shaker and pour straight into the glass. These strainers will defend your cocktail from those nasty pips and large pieces of ice. We advise customers that stainless steel is not completely 'rust-proof' - it will resist rusting but if left in contact with water for long periods it will start to corrode - so please ensure each evening that you wash-up and dry your equipment. Do not leave sitting on wet surfaces overnight or it will rust.

With over 50 years experience, Beaumont is firmly established as the global market leader for bar and catering related products. With focus on design innovation, quality and customer service, Beaumont continues to exceed the expectations of its worldwide customers.


Antique Brass Strainer
Price: £8.59(Inc VAT)
Cocktail Strainer (2 Ear)
Price: £1.19(Inc VAT)
Cocktail Strainer (4 Ear)
Price: £1.19(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
Drink Fine Mesh Strainer
Price: £1.49(Inc VAT)
Julep Strainer
Price: £1.39(Inc VAT)
Julep Strainer (Copper Plated)
Price: £2.89(Inc VAT)
Ninja Strainer
Price: £4.19(Inc VAT)
Sieve (6-inch) - Stainless Steel
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)

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Saturday 19th October 2019 
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