A wide range of tools for cutting, grating and peeling fruit.
  • Stainless Steel and Ceramic Graters.
  • Hand Grinders.
  • Zesters.
  • Peelers.
  • Graters & Grinders

    Nutmeg Grater (Stainless Steel)
    Price: £1.79(Inc VAT)
    Porlex - Ceramic Grater - Medium (145mm)
    Was: £12.95 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £7.99(Inc VAT)
    Porlex - Ceramic Grater - Small (105mm)
    Was: £11.99 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £6.95(Inc VAT)
    Vogue - Narrow Blade Fine Grater
    Price: £6.95(Inc VAT)

    Peelers & Reamers

    Apple Peeler, Corer & Slicer
    Price: £9.95(Inc VAT)
    Lemon Zester with Canele (Nisbets Version)
    Was: £4.39 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £2.39(Inc VAT)
    Speed Peeler (Stainless Steel)
    Price: £0.89(Inc VAT)
    Vogue - Melon Baller 22mm
    Was: £3.59 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £1.79(Inc VAT)



    Cocktail Sticks

    TSI - Cocktail Sticks / Toothpicks (Box of 800)
    Was: £1.39 (Inc VAT)
    Price: £0.49(Inc VAT)

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