Muddlers & 

A wide range of muddlers & spoons for preparing cocktail ingredients.
  • Wooden Muddlers.
  • Stainless Steel Muddlers.
  • Cocktail Spoons with Mashers.
  • Cocktail Spoons with Forks.
  • Muddlers

    Antique Brass Muddler (23cm)
    Price: £6.49(Inc VAT)
    Large Wooden Muddler (13inch)
    Price: £7.99(Inc VAT)
    Plastic Muddler (8.5in)
    Price: £1.19(Inc VAT)
    Wooden Muddler (10inch)
    Price: £2.11(Inc VAT)
    Wooden Muddler (8inch)
    Price: £1.39(Inc VAT)


    Cocktail Spoon with Masher
    Price: £1.79(Inc VAT)
    Cocktail Spoon with Plastic End
    Price: £1.79(Inc VAT)
    Gin and Tonic Spoon (5ml)
    Price: £2.59(Inc VAT)
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