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The AeroPress is the ultimate gift for any coffee lover. With an Aeropress you can make and enjoy smooth, rich and flavoursome coffee quickly and easily. Whether it's at home, in the office or overnight at a hotel that extra special cup of coffee is literally seconds away. The unique brewing style of the Aeropress allows the use of a finer grind maximising the depth of flavour and applies pressure to squeeze out every last ounce of goodness from the grounds. A micro-filter is used to maximise the purity of the coffee, ensuring every drop is as smooth as possible. It produces an easily disposable puck of coffee (as simple as removing the cap and pushing the plunger) and can be cleaned in a matter of seconds.

AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Coffee Maker
Price: £20.39(Inc VAT)

Aeropress - Spare Parts

AeroPress Filter Cap
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)
AeroPress Coffee Scoop
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)
AeroPress Stirrer
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)
AeroPress Tote Bag
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)
AeroPress Filling Funnel
Price: £2.99(Inc VAT)
AeroPress Rubber Seal
Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)
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AeroPress - Accessories

AeroPress - Rhinoware Grinders

AeroPress - Coffee

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