Milk Foaming Jugs (34 products)

Wide range of milk foaming jugs for cafes.

Jugs - Latte Jugs

Milk Jug - Stainless Steel (2L)
Price: £8.99(Inc VAT)

Jugs - Rhinowares

Jugs - Motta Europa (Latte Art Jugs)

Jugs - Glass & Porcelain

Porcelain Measuring Jug (500ml)
Price: £31.99(Inc VAT)

Jugs - Plastic

Polycarbonate - Elite 2 Pint Jug (1136ml/40oz) CE Marked
Price: £2.99(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
Plastic Measuring Jug (100ml) OFFER PRICE - Not Graduated
Was: £0.59 (Inc VAT)
Price: £0.19(Inc VAT)

Jugs - Latte Art Tools

Cappuccino / Beer Foam Knife
Price: £2.99(Inc VAT)

Jugs - Thermometers

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