Cafe Sieves & 

A range of sieves & strainers for your cafe.
  • Plastic Sieves
  • Drink Fine Mesh Strainer
  • Tea Strainer with Drip Bowl
  • Cafe - Sieves and Strainers
    A range of sieves and strainers for your cafe.
    Sunnex Products Limited continually adheres to the fine traditions: Honesty, Innovative Products Designs and Supreme Quality and Service. Sunnex’s steady and secure operation enables Sunnex brand to gain valuable support and trust from our customers. To withstand the intense competition in the market, we enhance our competitiveness by exploring new markets and developing new products. We always bear in mind the need of our customers and the expectation of end users to optimise our product design and service. In addition, we emphasise on thorough market research and comprehensive coverage of our supply chain to provide practical and efficient solutions to our customers. By implementing these strategies, Sunnex has achieved mutual benefits with our customers. In next 10 years, we foresee a series of changes in catering equipment industry in China. Sunnex, as a professional brand of over 40 years, must keep pace with the times in pursuit of excellence.

    Cafe - Sieves and Strainers - Conical Strainers

    Conical Strainer (130mm)
    Price: £6.49(Inc VAT)
    Conical Strainer (175mm)
    Price: £11.29(Inc VAT)
    Conical Strainer (200mm)
    Price: £9.98(Inc VAT)
    Conical Strainer (230mm)
    Price: £15.90(Inc VAT)

    Cafe - Sieves and Strainers - Sieves

    Sieve (6-inch) - Stainless Steel
    Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)

    Cafe - Sieves and Strainers - Strainers

    Drink Fine Mesh Strainer
    Price: £1.99(Inc VAT)

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