Coffee Drippers

A Capri Life filtered coffee maker - serves 4-6. This coffee dripper is perfect for making delicious filtered coffee! How to use: Place a filter paper or the Filter Cloth (included) into the dripper. Using the scoop, add ground coffee to taste. Place the Capri Life filter onto a coffee jug or mug. Pour hot water into the dripper in a clockwise direction. Watch and wait for the coffee to filter through. Remove the filter and enjoy your coffee!
Also on sale is our Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper Filter, which makes 1 - 4 cups of coffee. No more grounds ending up in your cup with our reusable double mesh coffee filter. Unlike disposable paper filters which rob your coffee of essential oils and nutrients this dripper allows all of the flavour through into your cup. Made from BPA free 18/8 (304) hygienic stainless steel the double mesh filter stops the smallest of grounds but whih allows the coffee oils to flow through for a richer, better tasting coffee.
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