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Cold Drink Cups

A wide range of eco-friendly clear cold drink cups.
  • Wide Clear Cups.
  • Slim Clear Cups.
  • Beer & Wine Cups.
  • Eco Cold Drink Cups
    A wide range of eco-friendly clear cold drink cups. Stop using polluting disposable polypropylene cups - there is now a biodegradable ecological alternative that will have your customers loving you for caring about the world! Vegware's cold-drink cups are made from PLA, a bioplastic produced from corn. PLA bioplastic emits 78% less CO2 during production than standard oil-based plastic.
    Vegware products are specifically designed to be safe and suitable for organic recycling. Any paper surface that comes into contact with food is made from sustainable forest virgin board. The bulk of our recycled products are not made from paper but bagasse fibre which is left over after sugar cane has been pressed. They use non-toxic vegetable, water-based inks or where necessary a UV-process which evaporates harmful chemicals.

    Cold Cups - Wide Clear

    Cold Cups - Slim Clear

    Cold Cups - Hula

    Cold Cups - Beer

    Cold Cups - Paper Cones

    Paper Cones - 4oz (Pack of 200) - OFFER
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