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Cream Chargers

A wide range of cream chargers for budget & ISI whippers.
  • Pro Whip Chargers.
  • Mosa N2O/Infusion Chargers.
  • ISI Pro/Sparkwhip Chargers.
  • Cream Chargers for Kitchens
    All of these cream chargers canisters are suitable for use in any of the cream whippers we sell. They can also be used with our Soda Splash infuser to create infused cocktails.
    When you make whipped cream please rememebr to use whipping cream - single cream is too thin and double cream too thick to whip properly. Whipping cream also contains a non-toxic stabiliser gum which helps the whipped cream keep its shape for longer. One cartridge will whip 0.5 litres of cream so if using a 1 litre whipper you will need to use two cartridges. Will turn 0.5 litre of whipping cream into up to 1.5 litres of whipped cream - a far greater volume than mechanical whipping. Creates a denser and more delicious whipped cream than disposable aerosols.

    Cream Chargers for Kitchens

    Loose Chargers Case - WARNING: WATER DAMAGED (Businesses Only) OFFER
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