Compostable Disposables for Takeout

Our range of compostable disposables helps the environment and assures your customer that there is more to your takeout than just making money!
Founded in 2006 by Joe Frankel, Edinburgh-based company Vegware is the UKs first and only compostable food packaging company. Vegware products are compostable which is much better than biodegradable. Biodegradable materials break down naturally over time, but 'compostable' means it all happens much quicker - between 8 and 12 weeks in the right conditions. Not only does composting your disposables save the planet - but its saves money too. With landfill charges going up every year with Vegware you can access the Food Waste Network who will match you up with a food waste recycler.

Hot Cups (Single Wall)

Hot Cups (Double Wall)

Hot Cup Accessories

Wide Clear Cups (96mm Wide)

Bio Compostable WIDE Clear Cups - 12oz (96mm Rim) - Pack of 50
Price: £3.59(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
Bio Compostable WIDE Clear Cups - 20oz (96mm Rim) - Pack of 50
Price: £5.39(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC

Sandwich Wedges and Tortilla Boxes

Slim Clear Cups (76m Wide)

Paper Straws

Clear Hinged Deli Containers

Gourmet Food Containers

Clear Deli Pots

Window Bags

Sugar Sticks

Clam Shells / Burger Boxes / Chip Trays

Greaseproof Sheets

Hot/Cold Food Containers

Portion Pots



Palm Leaf Tableware

Ecological Napkins

Dispenser Refill Napkins 33cm 1-Ply - Pack of 250 (Green Tree Logo)
Price: £2.69(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC

Food Cartons & Carry Packs

Carry Pack - Large (Pack of 25)
Price: £13.99(Inc VAT)

Carrier Bags

Kraft Paper Bags

Beer and Wine Glasses

Bin Liners

Biodegradable Black Bin Liners (Pack of 200)
Price: £15.95(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC


Skewers and Picks

Pizza Boxes

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