A wide range of tools for cutting, grating and peeling fruit.
  • Stainless Steel and Ceramic Graters.
  • Hand Grinders.
  • Zesters.
  • Peelers.
  • Fruit Prep
    A wide range of tools for cutting, grating and peeling fruit. A good selection of our products are provided by leading bar tools manufacturer Beaumont.
    Beaumont TM Limited is the UK's largest supplier of barware to the hospitality industry. As well as importing barware they also manufacture right here in Britain. They are what your pub landlord would call a 'proper British company'! Beaumont are the number one manufacturer of spirit measures in the world - all from their Flitwick, Bedfordshire factory. Your local pub is likely to use a Beaumont spirit measure when they serve you your double Scotch! As well as spirit measures they supply a vast range of bar accessories ranging from traditional pub dart boards to the latest trends in cocktail-making accessories. We stock pretty much all of their range - except the dart boards which we'll get if anyone needs them?

    Fruit Prep - Graters

    Narrow Blade Fine Grater
    Price: £5.54  (Inc VAT)
    Nutmeg Grater (Stainless Steel)
    Price: £0.79  (Inc VAT)
    Three-Way Grater - Stainless Steel (25cm)
    Price: £1.18  (Inc VAT)

    Fruit Prep - Peelers

    Speed Peeler (Stainless Steel)
    Price: £0.79  (Inc VAT)
    Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
    Out Of Stock

    Fruit Prep - Slicers

    Fruit Prep - Squeezers

    Mexican Elbow Lemon Lime Squeezer (Black)
    Price: £3.11  (Inc VAT)
    Stock Due within 7 days
    Out Of Stock

    Fruit Prep - Cocktail Sticks

    Cocktail Parasols (Pack of 144)
    Price: £2.69  (Inc VAT)
    Wooden Cocktail Sticks (Pack of 1000)
    Price: £1.19  (Inc VAT)

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