Mini Beer/Cocktail Keg Silver with Tap and Bung Empty (5 Lit


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Mini beer and cocktail keg 5 litre capacity with fully integrated, tamper evident tap and pressure bung. The tap sits close to the base and ensures the user enjoys every last drop. The keg cannot be pressurised - dispensing is done by gravity rather than CO2.
The keg is easy to fill and transport - ideal for microbreweries. The stackable design is perfect where space is limited. Suitable not just for beers but wines, cocktails or any drink you want to transport and dispense. Ideal for use in pop-up bars, outdoor events, parties or BBQ's.
Lined with a food safe BPA-free lacquer which keeps the contents sealed away from the steel.

How to use:
  • The keg comes with a dust cap fitted which can be easily removed for filling but does not properly seal the filled keg for transport.
  • The dust cap is designed to keep contamination out of the keg prior to filling.
  • To fill, remove dust cap and use a funnel - the fill hole is 22mm diameter.
  • Once the keg is filled if you need to transport it fit the pressure bung to prevent spillage.
  • The pressure bung includes an integrated valve which you turn to allow air to flow into the barrel to prevent an air lock.
  • The pressure bung is designed to not be removed once fitted - however it can be levered out but will be damaged and need to be replaced.
  • The integrated tap springs out from inside the keg when the tap release is turned.
  • To dispense press the soft button on the tap.
  • The tap projects out a total of 30mm with the inside edge of the tap flow at 15mm.

  • Re-use (with caution!):
    The keg is designed by the manufacturer for single use.
    However if you follow this advice it is possible to re-use it at your own risk.
  • The keg can be washed out, sterilised with beer line steriliser and re-used.
  • The pressure bung is NOT designed to be removed but you can prise it out with a screw driver.
  • If you prise out the pressure bung out it will be damaged - we sell replacements.
  • The keg will be scratched at the top if you prise out the bung.

  • Whats included:
  • Empty silver 5 litre mini keg.
  • Clear cover cap to seal the fill hole.
  • Tough pressure bung.
  • Integrated plastic push button dispensing tap.

  • Details:
  • Lined with food safe BPA-free lacquer lining
  • Weight including handle: 562g.
  • Material: Tinplate 100% Recyclable.
  • Capacity: 5000ml/5L.
  • Fill hole is 22mm diameter.

  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 250mm.
  • Base Diameter: 164mm.

  • Please note the keg is not a pressure vessel, they are for storing, transporting and serving drinks not fermenting or pressurising with CO2.

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    Mini Beer/Cocktail Keg Silver with Tap and Bung Empty (5 Lit

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