About Lio-Licious
Lio-Licous is a brand of American company, Oregon Freeze Dry Foods, the world’s largest custom processor of freeze dried products. Incorporated in 1963, OFD Foods began as a supplier of dried fruit for breakfast cereals and later worked with the Department of Defense to develop and produce freeze dried military rations.
In the early 1970’s, the company began marketing its own Mountain House line of freeze-dried foods for outdoor recreational use. In the 1990’s OFD Foods moved into the drying of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biological materials. Today, OFD Foods is the world’s technological leader in freeze-drying. Our freeze-dried ingredients are key components in the products of some of America’s largest food companies. We’re still a major supplier to the military, and our Mountain House brand continues to be the favorite of backpackers and campers.
Oregon Freeze Dry’s subsidiary in Europe, European Freeze Dry (United Kingdom and Denmark), is the UK’s largest freeze dryer, and is both ISO 9002 and HACCP certified.

Freeze Dried Whole Blueberry (70g)
Price: £5.99   (0% VAT)
Freeze Dried Purple Berry Blend (55g)
Price: £4.99   (0% VAT)
Freeze Dried Red Berry Blend (45g)
Price: £4.99   (0% VAT)

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