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    A variety of squeezable drop bottles for use in modern and molecular gastronomy. These bottles deliver a constant micro-drop of approximately 0.05ml. Therefore they are suitable for very fine work - dressing desserts for example. Ideal for use in molecular cooking pr for vape liquids. With the dropper tip inserted you can squeeze out very small droplets. Alternatively you can remove the tip and use the bottle as a wider necked container. Please note that there are no measuring increments on these bottles.
    Origin was established in 1963 by Stanley Homes, a pharmacist with a plan to update how drugs are packaged. Based in Melton on the outskirts of Hull, East Yorkshire, Origin are today one of the worlds biggest suppliers of pharmaceutical packaging.

    Modern Gastronomy - Drop Bottles

    Glass Dropping Bottle (30ml)
    Price: £0.59(Inc VAT)
    Squeezable Micro Dropper Bottle (280ml)
    Price: £0.64(Inc VAT)
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    Wednesday 21st August 2019 
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