Labware, Droppers, Syringes (89 products)

Labware - Conical Flasks

Labware - Glass Beakers

Glass Measuring Beaker (10ml)
Price: £0.64(Inc VAT)
Glass stirring Rod (200mm)
Price: £0.29(Inc VAT)
Glass Stirring Rod (150mm)
Price: £0.29(Inc VAT)
Beaker Tongs
Price: £2.89(Inc VAT)

Labware - Plastic Beakers

Labware - Dropper Bottles

Mini Funnel (Glass) - 60mm
Price: £1.99(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
Plastic Funnel (75mm Diameter)
Price: £1.19(Inc VAT)

Labware - Mist Sprayers

Labware - Glass Measuring Cylinders

Labware - Plastic Measuring Cylinders

Labware - Petri Dishes & Watch Glasses

Watch Glass (75mm)
Price: £0.49(Inc VAT)
Petri Dish (Glass) - 90mm
Price: £1.49(Inc VAT)
Petri Dish (Glass) - 60mm
Price: £1.39(Inc VAT)
Watch Glass (100mm)
Price: £0.59(Inc VAT)

Labware - Dispensing Bottles

Labware - Measuring Jugs

Porcelain Measuring Jug (500ml)
Price: £31.99(Inc VAT)
Plastic Measuring Jug (100ml) OFFER PRICE - Not Graduated
Was: £0.59 (Inc VAT)
Price: £0.19(Inc VAT)

Labware - Storage Bottles

Glass Bottle with flip top lid (500ml)
Price: £2.59(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC

Labware - Syringes & Spaghetti Kits

Labware - Pipettes

Labware - Cleaning

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