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A wide range of jugs for measuring out ingredients.
  • Polypropylene Jugs.
  • Porcelain Jugs.
  • Sunnex Jugs.
  • Tarsons Jugs.
  • Modern Gastronomy - Measuring Jugs
    A wide range of jugs for measuring ingredients for modern and molecular gastronomy. Our range of laboratory glass and plasticware is also designed as a novelty way to serve drinks. It is not CE-marked (Not Government Stamped) - ie it is not designed for measuring servings of alcohol. Please use a government approved measuring device (CE-marked) when measuring alcoholic drinks.
    Bar Essentials is a range of laboratory-style novelty borosilicate glassware and plasticware that has been created for serving drinks or canapes etc. Bar Essentials is not designed for measuring alcohol. Bar Essentials glassware is manufactured from a thicker gauge of tough borosilicate glass than standard laboratory glassware - so can withstand more of the knocks and drops experienced in a cocktail bar environment.

    Modern Gastronomy - Measuring Jugs - Polypropylene

    Modern Gastronomy - Measuring Jugs - Sunnex

    Sunnex Measuring Jug (5 Litre - Approx)
    Price: £5.59(Inc VAT)
    Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
    Sunnex Measuring Jug (500ml)
    Price: £1.09(Inc VAT)

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