A variety of modern and molecular gastronomy products.
  • Tweezers.
  • Reagent & Wash Bottles.
  • Funnels.
  • Lab Spatulas & Glass Stirring Rods.
  • Molecular Utensils - Tweezers

    Offset Sushi Plating Tweezers - Stainless Steel (Small)
    Price: £1.99(Inc VAT)
    Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC

    Molecular Utensils - Lab Spatulas

    Molecular Utensils - Bottles

    Molecular Utensils - Funnels

    Mini Glass Funnel - 60mm
    Price: £1.99(Inc VAT)
    Plastic Funnel (150mm Diameter)
    Price: £1.69(Inc VAT)
    Plastic Funnel (75mm Diameter)
    Price: £1.19(Inc VAT)

    Molecular Utensils - Glass Stirring Rods

    Molecular Utensils - Misc

    Atomiser Mist Sprayer (100ml)
    Price: £0.89(Inc VAT)
    Pestle and Mortar - Small
    Price: £2.99(Inc VAT)
    Slotted Molecular Straining Spoon
    Price: £2.39(Inc VAT)
    Tongs for Beakers and Labware
    Price: £3.95(Inc VAT)

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