Spherification: creating jelly spheres from a single liquid. Reverse Spherification: encapsulating a liquid centre in an alginate gel.
Modern Gastronomy - Spherification
A wide range of spherification products for creating jelly spheres.
Special Ingredients was set up by food ingredients experts to focus on the growing demand from chefs for access to ingredients, which until very recently had only been used by large food companies. From their factory in Derbyshire they now blend, prepare and produce a huge range of flavours and ingredients which you will now find in many of the top commercial kitchens around the world. In fact, if you saw the recent Bradley Cooper film 'Burnt', you will have noticed a lot of Special Ingredients products used in the kitchens! Special Ingredients works closely with Westminster Kingsway College where they sponsor the Culinary Science & Kitchen Innovation Laboratory. Feedback from students using their products is used to develop new and exciting blends and innovative products.

Modern Gastronomy - Spherification

Agar Agar (100g)
Price: £5.95
Agar Agar (250g)
Price: £10.99
Agar Agar (500g)
Price: £19.49
Calcium Lactate (100g)
Price: £4.69(Inc VAT)
Calcium Lactate (250g)
Price: £7.39(Inc VAT)
Calcium Lactate (500g)
Price: £11.99(Inc VAT)
Sodium Alginate (100g)
Price: £6.49(Inc VAT)
Sodium Alginate (250g)
Price: £11.89(Inc VAT)
Out of Stock - Delivery Date TBC
Sodium Alginate (500g)
Price: £19.96(Inc VAT)

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