Perlini Cocktail Carbonating 

The Perlini carbonation system is a unique way to carbonate cocktails.
  • Cocktail Carbonating Kit.
  • CO2 Non-Threaded Cartridges.
  • Shaker Seal.
  • Perlini Cocktail Carbonating System
    The Perlini carbonation system is a unique way to carbonate cocktails in your bar.
    The Perlini Cocktail Carbonating System® is the most revolutionary bar product in a generation! Everyone loves bubbles. Like the effervescence of a fine Champagne, the sparkle that Perlini adds to any cocktail transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, and the extraordinary into sublime. With Perlini, you are limited only by your imagination. Cocktail lovers, bartenders, mixologists, molecular gastronomists rejoice: The future of cocktails has arrived! Perlini produces highly carbonated cocktails in a matter of seconds, regardless of the ingredients. It functions exactly like a traditional cocktail shaker, but the shaker is a pressure vessel that is pressurised with carbon dioxide. Simply add ice to the shaker along with all of the ingredients (liquors, mixers, fruit, etc.), close the shaker, pressurise, shake for five seconds, and you're done!

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