A wide range of digital refractometers for use in modern and molecular gastronomy.
The new OPTi+ series of digital hand held refractometers launched by Bellingham + Stanley extends the measuring range of the successful half Brix OPTi models launched in 2011. Covering the complete Brix range, a number of scale derivatives are available making the OPTi+ a perfect instrument for a wide range of applications, whether measurement is required in the field or as a support instrument within the factory or lab. Bellingham + Stanley has combined 95-years of experience with latest design innovation to produce the OPTi and OPTi+ models. Injection molded stainless steel has been specifically chosen for the sample dish material not only for reasons of optical rigidity but also to facilitate rapid temperature stabilization that when combined with product specific temperature compensation, helps to ensure reliable results no matter what the sample or environmental conditions. New software has been also developed for the OPTi+ not only to improve the overall measurement performance but also to enhance the user experience by offering a number of special features such as the unique AG verification mode that allows the use of long-life non sucrose based certified reference materials to check calibration as well as touch-of-a-button temperature display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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