Soup & Ice Cream Pots

A selection of eco-friendly soup and ice cream pots.
  • Soup/Ice Cream Pots.
  • Domed/Flat Lids.
  • Pot Sleeves.
  • Eco Soup and Ice Cream Pots
    A selection of eco-friendly pots for serving soup or ice cream. Accessories such as lids are also available from us.
    Founded in 2006 by Joe Frankel, Edinburgh-based company Vegware is the UK's first and only compostable food packaging company. Vegware products are compostable which is much better than biodegradable. Biodegradable materials break down naturally over time, but 'compostable' means it all happens much quicker - between 8 and 12 weeks in the right conditions. Not only does composting your disposables save the planet - but its saves money too. With landfill charges going up every year with Vegware you can access the Food Waste Network who will match you up with a food waste recycler.

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