Superbag Strainer - 2 Litre (400 micron)

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BRAND: Superbag
MPN: EBPN-400-4 Size 4/400M
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A wide mesh 400 micron version of the Superbag strainer. This makes it ideal for straying out larger particles prior to clarifying using a 200 or 100 micron strainer. Potentially a chef could 'cascade' a puree or stock by hanging a wide-mess strainer above a finer strainer and leave gravity to do the work.

Made from non-absorbent Nylon which is much more hygienic than muslin fabric. Unlike muslin you can wash out the flavour so that the bag can be used again and again without contamination.

Our superbag is the higher specified version - instead of a weak fabric neck and hooking point it has a tough plastic retainer and bar across so that the mesh isn't stretched and damaged when suspended. This also reduces the chances of fibre particles migrating into the strained liquid.

They can also be filled with purees and immediately squeezed to release a solids-free liquid, a technique that was used at El Bulli to extract fresh almond milk. Alternatively, gravity will slowly release liquids from purees placed in the bags to make delicious, intensely flavoured 'waters'. It has a tough hooking point in the neck so that it can be hung above a container.

If you juice at home then after straining your juice you can get even more pulp out by filling the bag and squeezing it to produce a delicious solids-free 'professional' juice.

This 400 micron version of the Superbag is finer than a chinois but will allow more solids through that the 200 or 100 micron version.

  • 400 micron version.
  • Manufactured from tough Nylon.
  • Hygienic alternative to muslin cloth.
  • Bag Volume: 2 Litres.
  • Complete with strong plastic retaining neck and hooking point.
  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Dimensions:
  • Neck Width (Internal Opening): 80mm.
  • Neck Width (External): 110mm.

  • Please note it is not suitable for hot fats - however it will withstand boiling water.

    This product has been bought in bulk from the factory and is not in retail packaging. It will have instructions etc but may be in a white box or clear zip-bag. We suggest therefore it is not suitable as a gift.

    Dishwasher safe: This product is safe to wash in domestic & commercial dishwashers.

    About Superbag Strainer
    Manufactured for us the Superbag strainer is an industrial sized strainer perfect for high liquid volumes.

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    Superbag Strainer - 2 Litre (400 micron)

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