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Xanthan Gum (50g) - BBD 01-06-2020


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Best Before Date: 01-06-2020 Xanthan gum is used by our restaurants customers mainly as a thickener - it instantly adds a smooth texture to liquids and foods. It can also be use as a stabiliser, emulsifier and foaming agent. Our Xanthan Gum is 200 mesh compared to the standard 80 mesh this means it is finer than standard Xanthan Gum making it easier to disperse and dissolve.

Xanthan Gum is mainly used for the control of viscosity - giving liquids a weak-gel shear-thinning property. However when added to other hydrocolloids gels can be produced. Xanthan gum forms thermoreversible soft elastic gels with locust bean gum and can be added to agar agar and kappa carrageenan to form a more stable gel. The consistent water holding ability of xanthan gum may be used for the control of syneresis and to retard ice recrystallisation (ice crystal growth) in freeze-thaw situations. Xanthan gum may be used in pastry fillings, it prevents the weeping of the water in the filling, protecting the crispness of the crust.

Xanthan gum may also be added to ice cream to prevent ice-crystals forming. Xanthan gum is capable of producing a large increase in the viscosity of a liquid by adding a very small amount, around 1%, however in most applications it is used at 0.5% or even as low as 0.05% In foods, xanthan gum is most often found in salad dressings and sauces. It helps to prevent oil separation by stabilizing the emulsion, although it is not an emulsifier. Xanthan gum also helps suspend solid particles, such as spices. Also used in frozen foods and beverages, xanthan gum helps create the pleasant texture in ice creams. It does not change the colour or flavour of foods or beverages.

The shelf life of Xanthan Gum is 18 months - 2 years. Please store in dry, cool conditions and not in direct sunlight.

Food Additive Information:
This product is a food supplement or additive and is highly concentrated. Should be diluted and not directly consumed in its concentrated form.

About Special Ingredients
Set up by food ingredients experts to focus on the growing demand from chefs for access to ingredients which until very recently had only been used by large food companies. From their factory in Derbyshire they now blend, prepare and produce a huge range of flavours and ingredients which you will now find in many of the top commercial kitchens around the world. In fact, if you saw the recent Bradley Cooper film 'Burnt', you will have noticed a lot of Special Ingredients products used in the kitchens!
Special Ingredients works closely with Westminster Kingsway College where they sponsor the Culinary Science & Kitchen Innovation Laboratory. Feedback from students using their products is used to develop new and exciting blends and innovative products.
Director Dan Booth says:
I like nothing better than developing new products. Working with Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart has given additional scientific support to innovate and create completely new ingredients that satisfy the increasingly technical demands of todays chefs.


100% Pure Xanthan Gum (E415).

Allergy Advice:

Food additive - do not consume in concentrated form.

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Xanthan Gum (50g) - BBD 01-06-2020

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