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Bubble Tea by Boba Lish - Gradient Colour Powder (1kg)


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BRAND: Boba Lish Bubble Tea
WEIGHT: 1.000kg
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Boba Lish Gradient Powder, a delightful innovation that transforms your boba experience into a mesmerizing blend of colours and flavours. Crafted with precision and care, this unique powder adds a vibrant twist to your favourite bubble tea or boba beverages.
Our Gradient Boba Powder is a premium blend of high-quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure a smooth and indulgent taste. The powder features a gradient of rich colours, creating a visually stunning and Instagram-worthy beverage that will captivate your senses.

To create a mesmerizing boba beverage using our Gradient Boba Powder, start by preparing your favourite base tea or milk tea according to your preferences. Once your base is ready, carefully measure and add the desired amount of the Gradient Boba Powder to your drink. The magic begins as the powder dissolves, revealing a stunning spectrum of colours that gradually blend, creating a visually captivating gradient effect.

To enhance the experience further, consider layering your drink with different textures. Add a generous portion of perfectly cooked boba pearls to the bottom of your cup, creating a delightful surprise for your taste buds as you reach the bottom. Garnish with colourful toppings or a dollop of whipped cream to complement the gradient theme. Stir gently to mix the flavours and textures, and then sip slowly to savour the unique combination of vibrant colours and delicious tastes. Our Gradient Boba Powder isn't just a drink – it's a sensory journey that turns every sip into a delightful adventure for your palate and eyes alike.
How to make bubble tea with milk powder.
For 12oz/360ml serving.
Measure 30g (approx two teaspons) into a metal cup or cocktail shaker. Add 50ml of hot water and stir until power is dissolved. Add ice and 150ml of cold water (or milk), add syrup and stir or shake. Add serving of popping bubbles or tapicoa boba to glass. Pour tea into glass. Add jumbo straw.
We suggest 30g serving with 150ml of water or milk and ice for a 12oz/360ml serving. As a rough guide you are dissolving 1 part of powder with 12 parts of water or milk.

Boba Lish
Our new brand, made exclusively for us in Taiwan by the premier manufacturer of bubble tea ingredients.
Becuase we import direct we can sell them at a low low price!
Contact us for wholesale pricing.


Glucose 59.3%, Sugar 36% , Anthocyanin (E163) 1.5%, Maltodextrin, 1.2%, Silicon Dioxide (E551) 1.2%, Sodium-Bicarbonate (Stabilizer,E500-ii) 0.8%

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Bubble Tea by Boba Lish - Gradient Colour Powder (1kg)

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