A wide range of concentrated smoothie mixes.
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    A wide range of smoothie mixes designed for cafes wanting to make summer smoothies without the expense and problems of storing fresh fruit. Quick and easy to make - fill a glass with ice and then fill the glass with smoothie mix (plus water depending on strength required) then pour the mix into a blender. Blend until ice is finely smashed to create a stiff 'slush' and serve with a wide smoothie straw.
    Consumers tend to see blended smoothies as much higher value than a typical bottled chilled soft drink, so you've got the opportunity to charge more and benefit from greater profit margins. Also can be used as a base for more imaginative and/or healthy drinks - by adding fresh fruit, syrup, cream or even a shot of ginseng!

    Smoothie Mixes - Simply

    Smoothie Mix - Simply Banana (1 Litre)
    Price: £7.99  (Inc VAT)
    Smoothie Mix - Simply Mango (1 Litre)
    Price: £7.99  (Inc VAT)
    Smoothie Mix - Simply Mango and Passionfruit (1 Litre)
    Price: £7.99  (Inc VAT)
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