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Bubble Tea Syrup by Inspire Food Co - Peach Fruit Syrup (2L)

Vegan Friendly

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BRAND: Inspire Food Company
WEIGHT: 2.680kg
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Immerse yourself in the world of bubble tea perfection with our premium bubble tea syrup, meticulously concocted using the finest natural ingredients, right in the heart of the Netherlands. Elevate your bubble tea game with the essence of exceptional flavours, expertly captured within a syrup that guarantees an explosion of taste sensations in every delightful sip. Embrace the versatility of this syrup as it effortlessly transforms your bubble tea experience. Whether you're craving the classic milk tea or opting for a refreshing fruit-infused creation, our syrup serves as the cornerstone of beverage innovation. Open the door to a realm of endless creativity as you mix, match, and explore the possibilities with our bubble tea syrup. Its captivating colours mirror the vibrancy of the ingredients it's derived from, while its inviting aroma transports you to a world of flavour possibilities. Add a splash of it to your tapioca pearls for an extra burst of sweetness or blend it into your signature milk tea for an irresistibly smooth texture. The choices are as boundless as your imagination. Elevate your bubble tea experience with our premium syrup and savour the authentic flavours of the Netherlands encapsulated in every sip.

  • Peach Premium Bubble Tea Syrup
  • Size: 2000ml per bottle
  • Shelf Life: Up to 18 months unopend. Keep in a cool, dark and dry area.
  • Made with natural colours and real fruit juice
  • Bubbletea's per bottle : ~ 45 servings (when using 50ml per 500ml cup)

  • Bubble tea from the Inspire Food Company.


    Ingredients: sugar, water, fructose, glucose syrup, peach puree (8%), acidifier: citric acid; flavouring, preservative: potassium sorbate; colouring agent: black carrot juice.

    Allergy Advice:

    May contain traces of nuts, milk and milk products.

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    Bubble Tea Syrup by Inspire Food Co - Peach Fruit Syrup (2L)

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