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Living Wages
We maintain high standards of pay & conditions. All staff, contractors and temps are always paid more than the Living Wage.
Environmental Responsibility & Recycling
We take care to purchase from suppliers that have some respect for the planet and for their staff. We prioritise buying from British suppliers - but also the best from around the world. We actively encourage our suppliers to use biodegradable & non-polluting materials.
  • All packaging and office supplies are biodegradable and/or made from recycled materials - including paper, envelopes, boxes, tape, doc wallets, black bin bags etc.
  • Almost all the waste generated by our office and warehouse is recycled - this includes pallets, cardboard, paper, plastic, electronic equipment, furniture and food packaging.
  • All staff juice, teas, coffee, sugar, milk etc is organic and/or fair trade.
  • Where possible we sell disposables that are compostable - such as our VegWare range.
  • We try not to sell any food which contains Genetically Modified ingredients. For info about GM foods go to www.gmfreeze.org and www.genewatch.org.
  • The cream and soda chargers we sell cannot be re-used so must be recycled as scrap steel. Extracting iron-ore requires massive environmental pollution and western support of (often) despotic regimes, so we urge you to recycle your used steel. You can return them to us or put them in your recycling bins as scrap steel or drop them to a local authority recycling centre.

  • Drink Concepts Limited believes in supporting the local community, improving the local built environment and protecting local wildlife & natural environment.

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