A wide range of milkshake and bubble tea powder mixes from Shmoo, Simply and Bobalife.
Milkshake Mixes
About Shmoo Milkshakes
Our journey began in 1996. After returning from Australia, we really had to do something about British milkshakes. We had a vision for a thickshake concept that would sweep away weak and watery and make British Milkshakes Great again!
Shmoo is unique; drinkers enjoy the fabulous texture made possible by the unique combination of machine and ingredients. Sellers love the simplicity and consistency. Shmoo promises great results every shake and can be served in Diner Style glasses, in a contemporary Take Away Cup or as an iced Shmooaccino. Shmoo makes a great base for Freakshakes.
With no artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners and less sugar than other thick milkshakes there’s lots to enjoy. Dive in.

About Simply
Simply is a brand of the Italian Beverage Company (IBC) who are award winning British manufacturers, distributors and innovators within the food service industry. They have introduced leading edge products and flavours that have helped shape the industry for over 15 years.

Simply Milkshake Mixes

Milkshake Powder - Simply Banana (1kg Bag)
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Milkshake Powder - Simply Vanilla (1kg Bag)
Price: £6.39   (0% VAT)
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